Miami Mean Girls

Femdom Links, Florida, USA, United States

Femdom Links, Florida, USA


Miami Mean Girls, Femdom Clips & more

Miami Mean Girls

Miami Mean Girls


Mistress Antoinette, Tampa, Florida

BDSM Mistress at Top Domina 24 your dominaguide

Mistress Antoinette, free gallery

Lady Kim, North Lauderdale, Florida (Also South of Boston, Massachusetts)
Shefights, Extreme clips, Florida (Free clip here)
Kandii Kiss, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Also here)
Mistress Ginger Monroe, Orlando, Florida (Also here, here)
Kandii Kiss, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Goddess Brianna, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Also here, here)
Domme Alexia, Palm Beach, Florida
Bella Demonella, Fort Lauderdale / South Florida, Florida
Princess Cathy, Toilet Tantrums, Miami, Florida (Also Domina Latina)

Golden Showers Brown Showers Roman Showers Ruby Showers Full Toilet Training Scat Play Role Play

Princess Cathy, Toilet Tantrums, Miami, Florida


Mistress Sasha Starr, Orlando, Florida
The Goddess Nicole St Petersburgh, FL
Lora’s Lair, Tampa, Florida (music)
Mistress Alexis, Orlando, Florida
Michelle Lacy, sadist extraordinaire

Michelle Lacy, sadist extraordinaire at ClubDom

Mistress Michelle Lacy, South Florida (Travels, also ClubDom)
Mistress BellaDonna, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Mistress Catz, Boca Raton, FL (Also here)
Command Performance, Pompano Beach, Florida
Goddess Erica, Boca Raton, Florida
Mistress Erica Steele, Tampa
Domina Erotica, Miami, Florida (Also old site)
Goddess Evilena, South Florida (Also here, online hypnosis)
Mistress Goddessa, Miami / Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Lady Jazzmon Radford, Boca Raton, Florida (Bodybuilder / Fighter)
Ms. Keira, Ocala, Florida
Mistress Lauren, Orlando, Florida
Leather Orchid, South Florida
Mistress Lola, Miami, Florida (music)
Mastermind Dungeon, South Florida
Mystress Midnight, South Florida
Ms Indeep, Miami, Florida
Goddess Olga, Ft.Lauderdale, FL
Lady Paige, Bradenton, Florida
Nurse Patti, Tampa, Florida
Mistress Tatiana, South Florida
Goddess Victoria, Miami, Florida (Also here)
Mistress Coral Korrupt, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (and travels)

Persian Goddess Domina Sara Akeera

Feature Add: Persian Goddess Domina Sara Akeera

Real exotic, ruthless Mistress Sara Akeera, Vancouver, Canada

 Sara Akeera likes:
* Total control
* Seductive teasing
* Champagne & Caviar
* Shoe worship
* Humiliation
* Slut training
* Strapon
* Torture
* Punishment
& much more

sara naked468ban Domina Sara Akeera, Vancouver, Canada

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Sara Akeera, Vancouver, Canada, exotic, ruthless real

Sara Akeera, Vancouver, Canada, exotic, ruthless real

Over 650 pix+ 20 clips at femdom club of clubs here>>>

Diva Sara Akeera, free gallery

Domina Links, Canada, North America

Canada, North America

Goddess Sara Akeera, Vancouver, Canada

Persian Goddess Domina Sara Akeera

Naughty Sara Akeera, free gallery

Maitresse Malycia, Montreal, Canada
Mistress Taylor Fallon, Vancouver, Canada (Also Los Angeles)
Mistress Mystic, Ottawa, Canada
Patricia Marsh, Toronto, Canada
Mistress Fire, Free gallery
Mistress Veronika Harley, Vancouver, Canada
Mistress Caress, Toronto, Canada
Goddess Lana / Muscular Camgirl, Montreal, Canada


The Femdom Temple

Femme Fatale / Lady Lexis, Calgary, Canada
Madame de Sade / Bondage Hotel, Ontario, Canada
Mistress Rattan, Toronto, Canada
Madame de Sade’s House of Fetish and Dungeon, Toronto
Mistress Marine, Montreal, Canada (Stories)
Maîtresse Cathie La Divine & Mistress Sasha, Ottawa
Mistress Angelique Serpent, Vancouver, Canada
Sissy Maid Academy, Toronto, Canada (feminization)
Mistress Rawlove, Windsor, Canada
The Temple, Ontario, Canada
Club Stiletto, Vancouver (Great Membersite)

BDSM Asian Mistress Goddess Keeani by Top Domina 24 your dominaguide

Goddess Keeani of Club Stiletto

Mistress Victoria, Toronto, Canada (Travels)
Miss Flora Revel, Toronto, Canada
Mistress Crimson, Toronto, Canada
Lady Azelle, Toronto, Canada
Mistress Morgan Thorne, Toronto, Canada
Dominique Domme, Vancouver, Canada
Mistress Sasha Mizaree, Vancouver, Canada
Miss Morgan Thorne, Toronto, Canada
Domina Erzulie, Montreal, Canada
Mistress Kayla, Mississauga, near Toronto, Canada
Trinity, Toronto, Canada
Mistress Eleise, Vancouver, Canada, Also  at Femme Fatale Films

Femdom Worship

Mistress November Gray, Vancouver, Canada
Classique Silvr, Alliston, Toronto, Canada
Mistress Flux, Montreal, Canada
Mistress Myra Blue, Montreal, Canada
Lexxi Brown, Montreal, Canada (Also Quebec City)

Lexxi Brown, Montreal, Canada

Lexxi Brown, Montreal, Canada

Mistress Shira, Ottawa, Canada (Travels)
Mistress Marine, Montreal, Canada (Attention sound effects)
Mistress Desiree, Vancouver, Canada (Also here)
Mistress Onyx, Vancouver, Canada
Kink Den, Toronto, Canada
Maitresse Angélie, Montreal, Canada
Mistress Miko, Vancouver, Canada
Lady Evyl, Montreal, Canada
Domina Katarina, Vancouver, Canada
Baroness V, Toronto, Canada
Marina Black, Toronto, Canada
Lady Chyna, Toronto, Canada
Cuckold Mistress Aria, Toronto, Canada
Mistress Yuliya Kate, Vancouver, Canada
Maitresse Aveena, Montreal, Canada (Also Calgary)
Ms. Bijou Steal, Vancouver, Canada
Zoe Aspasia, Toronto, Canada
Mistress Porsche, Toronto, Canada
Miss Jasmine, Vancouver, Canada (Also here)
Mistress T, Vancouver, Canada

Mistress T, Vancouver, Canada

Mistress T, Vancouver, Canada

Dominatrice LdyEos, near Montreal, Canada
ScatDomme / Mistress Sarah, Toronto, Canada
Toronto Power Exchange, Toronto
Lady Liberte, Vancouver, Canada
Mistress Anika Stern, Toronto, Canada (Also here)
Lady Rowan, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Kinky and Cute, Toronto, Canada
Lady Seraphina, Calgary, Canada
Fantasy Dungeons, Toronto, Canada
Lady Rachel, Toronto, Canada
Mizz Barbie Bitch, Toronto, Canada
Mistress Nadia, Vancouver, Canada

BDSM Mistress at Top Domina 24 your dominaguide

Lady Nadia free gallery

Madam X, Toronto, Canada
Domination Victoria & Mistress Carissa, Victoria, BC, Canada

TS Mistress Electra, New York, USA


TS Mistress Electra, New York, USA

So many guys think they have the smarts to outwit me and place silly bets hoping to win my favor. I always say „put your money where your mouth is“ but sometimes they run out of money and still owe me! When that happens I put something else where their mouth is as they pay off their debt with me at a high interest rate. You will do my every bidding, my every whim. My feet shall not touch the floor for you will be carrying me on your back. My huge cock will find its home in your mouth and ass several times a day. You will serve me in any manner that I deem fit and when I am finally done with you, you will beg Me to let you stay on serving me. That’s what shemale Goddesses like myself does to wimps like you. It’s my destiny and yours as well.


TS Mistress Electra likes:

* Ashtray Abuse
* Foot worship
* Trampling
* Rimming
* Humiliation
* Roleplay
* Facesitting
* Assfuckink
* Smothering
& much more

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